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The Country Club of Birmingham is recognized as one of the outstanding private clubs in the Southeast. We offer our members unexcelled social and recreational services in a family oriented environment. The Club was founded in 1898 as a social club in North Birmingham. In 1903, the club merged with The Birmingham Golf Club and moved to the Highland Avenue-Lakeview area. The City of Birmingham now owns the old grounds and operates the Charlie Boswell Golf Course. In 1927, the Country Club of Birmingham moved to its present location. Over the years, many additions - the West Lounge, East Room, tennis courts - have been made. We continually strive to improve our services and facilities as evidenced by the recent work on our golf course, tennis and fitness facility, and clubhouse.

"When the Country Club was formed in October of 1898 the organizational documents established its purpose 'to promote the social and literacy advancement of its members.'

This was to be accomplished 'with means and facilities for various forms of innocent indoor and outdoor sport, amusement, exercise and recreation.' While the means of recreation have changed through the years with leisure time preferences, the core value of the Country Club has remained the same. It has always been, and has been only, a site and spirit of recreation and social activity for its members, their families, and guests."

-James F. Hughey, Jr.
as written in The Country Club of Birmingham: Centennial History, by Carolyn Green Satterfield